”Internet Security Foundation was created when Microsoft refused to fix a Windows deficiency which puts hundreds of millions of computer users at risk of identity theft.

I am CEO of KMGI – an acclaimed interactive production and software company. On August 26, 2004 , our company released a SeePassword software, which got nice media reviews. While working on that program, we realized that nothing precluded criminals from harvesting people's passwords via Internet. This realization made us very concerned, especially after we determined that about 86% of Internet users were under false impression that the passwords hidden behind the asterisks are securely protected.

We made sure that SeePassword could not be used for such online password harvesting and urged Microsoft to address this security issue. Microsoft explicitly refused to address this issue.

Since Microsoft's position left hundreds of millions of Windows users at risk of identity theft, we felt compelled to inform the public of the risks. That is why KMGI took an initiative to found the Internet Security Foundation. Our company allocated a significant portion of our proceeds from sales of SeePassword to finance activity of the Foundation.

Among the first initiatives of the Foundation was release of the AsteRisks ™ program which makes sure that no unauthorized person could harvest user's passwords by removing the passwords stored on the user's computer and by disabling further password saving.

The Foundation will be identifying other computer security risks and helping computer users address them."

Alex Konanykhin, Chairman of
Internet Security Foundation
  • 2004 New York Businessman of the Year
  • 2003 National Leadership Award by the Business Advisory Council of the National Republican Congressional Committee;
  • Honorary Chairman of the 2004 President's Dinner with President George W. Bush;
  • Honorary Chairman of the House Majority Trust for the U.S. House of Representatives;